Geraldine Matus

Two streams of training and experience culminating in an ocean’s wealth of knowledge about health and healing

A modern way to perceive alchemy might be as the distillation of the penetrating inquiry of modern sciences within the diamond alembic of the poetic imagination and expression. Occasionally, for the ardent observer of the interface between poetry and science there arises the illuminated gnosis of a singular and eternal incorruptibility, wherein one dwells with the intensity of knowing how everything matters and how nothing matters, how all is one and all is nothing. The limit of experience for this illuminated gnosis is unending; encompassing the broadest reaches of the imagination of generations before us and generations to come. It evolves with the cosmos, with collective human consciousness, and with individual consciousness. I understand this illuminated gnosis to be the Philosopher’s Stone or lapis sought by alchemists. In our modern life we seek the lapis when we seek peace, love, harmony, faith, and wisdom.
— Geraldine Matus

Geraldine Matus, Lay Midwife, HRHPE, PhD is the founder of the Justisse Method (1987), a fertility awareness based method (FABM). She is one of five collaborators who operate the Canadian not for profit corporation Justisse College International. Her chair in the collaborative is the college dean and academic director. She designed, wrote, and continues to refine the Justisse College curriculum. Currently Justisse College is the gold standard for secular fertility awareness educator training.

  • Geraldine completed her doctorate in Depth Psychology in 2014 Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her  doctoral work The World’s Geography of Love focuses on a psycho-physiological view of women's beauty and blood mysteries, and how they are connected to love as the glutinum mundi (glue of the world). Dr. Matus's work integrates her experience in sexual and reproductive health with a depth psychological view of healing. She believes a woman's conscious engagement with her beauty and blood mysteries is a valuable means for her to develop a profound honoring of her body as the vessel of her being, and in that way become wholly empowered in body ,mind, and spirit.

    • Geraldine's therapeutic approach integrates her competencies in holistic sexual and reproductive health and archetypal and imaginal psychology. She assists her clients in developing a profound honoring of their body vessels and psyches. Her abiding interest is in inviting women into a deeper knowledge of the "Beauty and Blood Mysteries" as they unfold in the psyches, dreams, and daily living. Additionally she adds attends to somatic awareness with respect to psyche.


Physiological Health

Psycho-Spiritual Health

Body and Soul

Areas of Speciality

Sexual and Reproductive Health

    • Self-Care (diet, lifestyle, psycho-spiritual, movement)

    • The 5th Vital Sign (menstrual cycle health)

Depth Psychology

    • Dreams, Imagination, Creativity, Spirituality

    • Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

    • Love and Intimacy

    • Addiction and Recovery

    • Trauma Informed Care

Curriculum development and education

    • Mentoring and tutoring

Sexual and Reproductive Health

    • 5th vital sign

    • Fertility Awareness Based Methods

    • Prenatal and Preconception care