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Transformation and Renewal of the Heroic Masculine  

  • La Piscina de Alicia Tumbaco Ecuador (map)

The Influence of the Body and Love of the Feminine on the Transformation and Renewal of the Heroic Masculine  

From an alchemical hermeneutic and ancient Egyptian perspective Geraldine will share her understanding of the archetypes and symbols of transformation involved in the transformation of the heroic masculine.  

Most ancient Egyptian funerary, ritual and mythic texts describe a sun-god, Osiris, or similar figure undergoing a cycle of chaos, death, and renewal of his harmonizing and life giving force; renewal facilitated by the love and particular ministrations of various feminine figures. The ancient Egyptian sky goddess Nut, a personification of both netherworld and heaven, swallows the dying-sun-god at sunset and rebirths him at dawn. In her body the mysterious processes of death, regeneration, and resurrection take place under the influence of love. Love that serves our life and rebirth when we find ourselves in those ineffable and inevitable, chaotic, shadowy, and emotionally confounding places of being where we feel that we are dying or dead.    

Limit 10 -- for men only

Cost --$20.00 USD